"Mindbender" is an instalment of UFO: The Series that actually goes behind the scenes of the programme through the courtesy of a rock found on the surface of Luna, presumably of alien origin, that distorts the perceptions of reality of whoever is holding it. This is because some of the sets Edward Straker hallucinates when he holds the rock were actual sets used in the production of UFO: The Series.

Regular CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Lieutenant Andy Conroy - Al Mancini
  • Howard Byrne - Stuart Damon
  • Captain Beaver James - Charles Tingwell
  • Lieutenant Dale - Craig Hunter
  • Film Director - Stephan Chase
  • 1st Assistant Director (Frank) - Norton Clarke
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Paul Greaves
  • Mexican Bandits - Larry Taylor, Richard Montez and Bill Morgan
  • SHADO Control Operative - James Marcus
  • SHADO Guard - Stanley McGeagh
  • Cabinet Minister Sir Eric Coulsdon - Basil Dignam ( Identified flashback)
  • Motorcyclist - Jack Silk (Identified flashback)
  • Mary Rutland - Suzanne Neve ( A Question of Priorities flashback)
  • John Rutland - Barnaby Shaw (A Question of Priorities flashback)
  • Steven Rutland - Philip Madoc (A Question of Priorities flashback)
  • Dr. Segal - Peter Halliday (A Question of Priorities flashback)
  • Alien - Gito Santana

SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

Non-SHADO Equipment UsedEdit