"Identified" is the very first episode of UFO: The Series. In it, the various UFO sightings reported between 1947 and 1969 finally get their explanation, and it proves to be an ugly, evil one: they can be explained by the fact that Earth is under brutal attack from a dying race of extra-terrestrials which is harvesting human organs for the purposes of its own survival.

The instalment's plotEdit

Late 1970, evening, England: Royal Navy Officer Peter Carlin, his sister, Leila, and their friend, Jean, discover a UFO in the woods. Peter films the craft on his cine camera, but the trio are attacked by the spacecraft's pilot. Jean is killed, Peter is severely injured and Leila is cornered by the alien.

7th October, 1970. US Air Force Colonel Ed Straker and General James Henderson arrive in England for a meting with the Prime Minister to present conclusive evidence on recent UFO sightings; an enlarged single from from Peter's cine film, which was found undeveloped, still in the camera after the UFO incident. Rendezvousing with Cabinet Minister Sir Eric Coulsdon, they head for Chequers aboard his Rolls-Royce, but they come under attack from a UFO. The car is forced off the road and crashes, killing Sir Eric and his security guard, badly injuring General Henderson an and the chauffeur, and burning up the papers, but Ed is thrown clear.

24th August, 1980: Ed is now Commander-in-Chief of S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), sited 80 feet below the Harlington-Straker Film Studios. He informs his 2nd-in-Command, Colonel Alec Freeman that, although a fire at Westbrook Electronics has destroyed the building, the new utronic tracking equipment that was being developed there is safe. The utronic equipment is a major breakthrough that will enable SHADO to track UFOs, so Ed assigns Alec to safeguard the equipment and its design team during the transfer from the United States.

Alec pilots the Seagull X-Ray Supersonic Transport aircraft as it leaves Stevenson Base, Los Angeles with the design team, led by Dr. Virginia Lake, aboard. Suddenly, the satellite computer S.I.D. (Space Intruder Detector) detects an incoming UFO, which evades the MoonBase Interceptors and launches an attack on Seagull X-Ray. But Peter Carlin, now captain of the SHADO submarine SkyDiver, intercepts the craft in Sky One. The UFO crashes into the sea and one of its occupants is recovered from the water.

The alien is examined back at SHADO HQ and is discovered to have had several organ and gland transplants, the donor body parts having originated on Earth. The alien expires, ageing rapidly, but the report on the examination leads Ed to conclude that the aliens are from a dying race and are coming to Earth to obtain organ replacements. Electronic tissue analysis of the alien's donor heart reveals that it originally belonged to Leila Carlin, who has been missing since the incident in the woods ten years earlier. Ed has the painful task of informing Peter that his sister is dead and that his parents can never know the truth.

Regular CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Cabinet Minister Sir Eric Coulsdon - Basil Dignam
  • Lieutenant Bill Johnson - Shane Rimmer
  • Lieutenant Ken Matthews - Michael Mundell
  • Dr. Harris - Matthew Robertson
  • Kurt Mahler - Paul Gillard
  • Phil Wade - Gary Files
  • Nurse - Annette Kerr
  • Captured Alien - Gito Santana
  • Alien in Woods - Stanley Bray
  • Leila Carlin - Edwina Carroll
  • Lieutenant David Worth - Dennis Plenty
  • Lieutenant Geoff Manning - Robert Case
  • Janis - Penny Spencer
  • SHADO Operative Andrews - Louisa Rabaiotti
  • Motorcyclist - Jack Silk
  • Voice of Stevenson Base Control - Gary Files
  • Voice of Seagull X-Ray Crewman - Keith Alexander
  • Voice of Skydiver Operative - Gary Files
  • Voice of SHADO Operative - Gary Files
  • Voice of Mayland Hospital Medic - Jeremy Wilkin

Colonel Paul Foster (Michael Billington) does not appear in this episode, as the character was not introduced till "Exposed."

SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

Non-SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

  • Ambulance
  • Police Motorbikes
  • Propeller Jet Handley Page H.P. 137 Jetstream
  • Rolls Royce GTU-55G
  • UFO