"Court-Martial" is the instalment of UFO: The Series in which Paul Foster undergoes the court-martial of the title when S.H.A.D.O. Commander Edward Straker gets reason to believe that he may be leaking classified information to the general public, which has to be kept completely unaware that SHADO exists.

Regular CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Webb - Jack Hedley
  • Jane Grant - Georgina Cookson
  • Carl Mason - Neil McCallum
  • A. G. Singleton - Tutte Lemkow
  • Artist's Agent - Noel Davis
  • Assistant Director - Paul Greenhalgh
  • SHADO Guard - Michael Glover
  • Miss Scott - Louise Pajo
  • Diana - Pippa Steel

SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

  • Straker's Car
  • Foster's Car

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