"A Question Of Priorities" is a follow-up to the unfortunate events depicted in "Confetti Check A-OK" that deals with Edward Straker's need to allow nothing to go right for him in certain situations because of his being forced to elevate his duty above any personal considerations.

Regular CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Mary Rutland - Suzanne Neve
  • Mrs. O'Connor - Mary Merrall
  • John Rutland - Barnaby Shaw
  • Steven Rutland - Philip Madoc
  • Dr. Segal - Peter Halliday
  • Dr. Green - Russell Napier
  • Alien - Richard Aylen
  • Nurse - Andrea Allan
  • Car Driver - David Cargill
  • SHADO Control Operative - Penny Spencer
  • Blonde Film Crew Member - Marian Nelson

SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

Non-SHADO Equipment UsedEdit

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